Fat Lemon’s Chris Faith directs a new series of commercials for Yorkshire Tea, celebrating two great English obsessions: Cricket and Tea.

The Great Cricket Tea Challenge, hosted by TV chef Rosemary Shrager and Cricket Tea Connoisseur Michael Vaughan, sees two amateur cricket teams go head to head in a series of cooking challenges for a cash prize of £10,000 to be spent on their local pavilions.

The teams have the length of a cricket tea break (ie 20 minutes) in order to cook up something short and sweet, a savoury dish, and a stonking crowd pleaser, which are then served an actual cricket tea, with the hungry cricketers’ bellies being the judges!

We at Fat Lemon are extremely proud of the work, and enjoyed collaborating with the creative team Nathalie Turton & Lorelei Mathias at Beattie McGuinness Bungay in making a spoof TV series with great characters and moments of comedy gold. The ads will run on ITV, and on CH5’s cricket highlights package. We hope you enjoy the show!