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Almost Royal

CHRIS FAITH directs new comedy TV series, ‘Almost Royal’, showing soon on E4. It follows two young British aristocrats as they take their first trip around the United States, interacting with Americans and learning about their country. Inspired by Christopher Guest, and in the mould of ‘Borat’, this mockumentary plays on the comedy foibles of characters on both sides of the pond.

‘Almost Royal’ stars comedians Ed Gamble and Amy Hoggart as Georgie and Poppy Carlton, heirs to a large country estate in Norfolk where they have enjoyed privileged lives as the 50th and 51st in line to the throne. The pair ostensibly agree to be filmed going on a road trip of America, seeing it as an opportunity to spread their wings and commemorate their late father, Lord Carlton.

The show started on BBC America last month is now BBC America’s top rated comedy series, and will be showing on E4 in August. Watch this video to see the main characters introduce themselves.