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2Doors & Women In Football

Twitter UK has today launched a new #WomenInFootball campaign, in collaboration with broadcaster Jacqui Oatley and industry-leading organisation — Women In Football. Highlighting the range of voices on Twitter, the films feature world-class pundits, performance analysts and players themselves. The aim is to offer a new perspective into the lives of those striving to even the playing field.


Twitter: Jacqui Oatley


Twitter: Mollie & Rosie


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Twitter: Roya



Directors/DOP/Edit: 2 Doors
Executive Producer: Jane Bolton
Casting Producer: Kelley Ralph
Producer: Sarah Leach
Sound: Peter Bailey & Blai Escayola
Drone DOP: Richard Luxton
Music Composition: Ryan Edwards
Grade: Adam Clarke @ Absolute
Post Production: Absolute
Sound: Ollie Usher @ Scramble