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James Caddick

Optrex: Cloud 9

James Caddick

Optrex: Cloud 9

Honda: C4 Idents

Open University: Dream On

ASDA George: Back To School

Tesco: Apples & Pears

Aldi: Challenge

British Gas: Smart Kids

Maccabees: Elephant Days

James Caddick is an experienced and multi-faceted film-maker. His work spans a variety of styles, including documentary, performance, comedy and design. He has collaborated with The Maccabees on several projects, including the critically acclaimed ‘Elephant Days’ which premiered at BFI London Film Festival.

He is passionate about telling stories through film in fresh, inspiring and engaging ways. And he runs at shooting with both large and small crews with equal enthusiasm.

Previous clients include Channel 4, Kellogg’s, Honda, Universal Records, Open University, and many more.